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New to Watchout.

Is there any limitation for video outputs on a system? For example we typically use AMD Firepro video cards that can produce 6 x 1920x1080p outputs simultaneously.

The display size I'm contemplating is 23040x1080 so in order to achieve this theoretically I could use two of the 6 output AMD cards in a single system. That would produce a 12 x 1920x1080p (or 23040x1080) desktop. Will Watchout support this desktop size? If not what is the max desktop size it will support?

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  • Moderator

Yes, from the perspective of software, both WATCHOUT and Windows 7 will be fine

outputting six 1920x1080 60p per computer.

Combining two such systems is no issue either.


Now content and hardware play a role here too.

Attempting to get one computer to decode six 1920x1080p movies at the same time is possible.

But not necessarily carefree. Assuming encoding to the Dataton guidelines published in this forum,

movie decoding six1920x1080 30p MPEG2 is possible,

movie decoding six 1920x1080 60p MPEG2 is borderline.


Almost all compliant six output Graphics Processing Unit cards

are robust enough for the rest of the WATCHOUT tasks.

GPU does not significantly impact movie decoding / playback - it impacts WATCHOUT animation (tween functions).


For movie decoding, the computer system from hard drive

through motherboard, memory and cpu must be optimized for throughput.

Combined with the movie encoding properly tuned for this task.

If any of that is not optimal, movie playback will stumble / stutter.

When encoding choices do not permit tuning to optimize for WATCHOUT,

then you use more hardware with less outputs per machine

to overcome higher decoding demands.

i.e. at the end of the day,

you must test with an actual target system and content representative of the final demand.

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Thanks for the reply. We wouldn't be decoding any movies only running flash animations. I don't believe hardware would be an issue for anything we want to do? Just need to know if Watchout itself has any type of limitations which from what I believe you are telling me it doesn't?

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  • Moderator

Flash animations, of that size you mention, is NOT playable inside WATCHOUT, unfortunately.




Normally you would render the Flash animations into movies to play them back on a WATCHOUT Display computer.

The WATCHOUT Dynamic Image Server software (an additional computer and license) can run Flash,

but it is intended to render static images created on the fly during playback

(like current weather grabbed from the web, stock ticker, tweets, etc.) and those are limited to 2048x2048 each,

although you can run multiple Flash files to generate multiple 2048x2048 chunks at the same time.

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  • Dataton Partner

Didn't notice answer on subject of having two cards of 6 outputs each on one machine : WO only supports 1 card. (Or did I miss it in the replies?


About multiple hd streams : using a 6 output config I had success running 10+ separate full hd h264 streams + numerous stills + 3 x 1080p data signal from datapath and 3 x 720p camera signal on BMD decklink. No problems occurred at all.

As jfk mentioned, it's all about the system specs used.

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