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Alienware Launch - Melbourne

Daniel Quinn

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10 x Watchout displays.The rear wall was 5 projectors, 3 edgebutted with 2 doing the angled corners due to lousy roof height. We made a manual feathered blend in Photoshop over the top3 x Projectors for the caravan shape in the middle, one for the middle and one at each end. I won't begin to describe how many warp points that took around the edges. Content pre-mophed in Cinema4D2 x Projectors for the floor, pre masked and vertically distorted to make a rectangular projector make a square shape, pinned back to remove the keystone, and blended in the middle3 x Production machines running SMTP time code from Cubase, running dedicated 6.1 surround top mix, and a dedicated 6.1 surround sub mix for some incredible surround lower end 3d panning by the audio team.Production houses did all the content, we did the Projection and Design.Dan.

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