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Watchout 6.4.1 - Preload Issue Freezing Video


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I am running into a possible bug in Watchout 6.4.1 where a pre-loaded video freezes when it is fading up.


Running a video before it, preloading the next clip - fading up that cue causes an inconsistent freeze. It seems that it only happens when I am manually pre-loading. The clip that is having the issues is free-running and looping.



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We have actually not seen this behavior although we have done similar things in our recent projects. To make it easier for the support team to help here, pls. elaborate a bit which Windows version you're using, the codec specs of your video and whether this happens using the main timeline or an auxiliary timeline.

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I realized what the problem was - If a clip is pre-loaded and you then jump to a time in the middle of that pre-load it causes the playback issue.


I am assuming this means that only the beginning of the pre-load actually loads the content? That's great for running in sequence but not so great for tech scenarios....

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