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  1. Interestingly - the production backup machine had a faulty power supply. Removing this from our rack (which was full and very hot) has given the rack more airflow. We now have a backup laptop networked in. Going back and testing the bugs I was having, Watchout appears to be more stable (even on the main production computer that has not changed). I was watching task manager before and it didn't seem like the computer was overloading. Now, it seems that the computer might have been thermal throttling - causing system issues.
  2. Well that is unfortunate.. I guess I may reinstall 6.5 to see if there were any issues on initial installation?
  3. Unfortunately that is not the case. I can scrub through the timeline just fine while not in Standby. Only when exiting standby does the connection get lost.
  4. Hello, I am using computers from 4wall - built by showsage. We are in communication with them but are unsure if it is the computers or Watchout 6.5. Has anyone else encountered these issues? -Compositions crashes both production and backup "Display computer dissapeared". -Going online via TCP command causes network loss. -TCP connection sometimes disconnects - unchecking and checking TCP control resolves this issue. -After the production computer crashes, Watchout gives multiple warnings after changing any preferences - "Are there multiple instances running?"
  5. Hello, It appears that NDI Inputs no longer behaves as expected when in an auxilary timeline. The NDI source is visible in Watchout, but will not actually output. Moving that same instance of NDI to the main timeline makes it output as normal.
  6. Hello Using Watchout 6.5. It seems that when I go into Standby, scrub the timeline, then go out of standby - I get an error that connection is lost and I get kicked offline. Anyone else see this issue?
  7. They are not, I am using a composition instead of dedicating 3 layers on the main timeline to these virtual displays. Nothing affects the composition and it never changes. It just seemed cleaner to me to use 1 layer instead of 3 since it has to remain constant through out the entire show.
  8. Hello, We are experiencing glitches in our system that may or may not be in Watchout - just trying to check all ends. I am using virtual displays in a 10 second composition that is looped for the duration of the show. In the past I have seen weird issues with looped compositions and I was wondering if anyone else has seen this as well? The show I am using this on has 4 display computers feeding into an LED wall. I used 3 virtual displays to span the wall. The glitch we are experiencing is a periodic "flash to black" of one of the rasters inside the virtual display. The virtual displa
  9. I I believe the secondary issue is actually related to another post I made. If you load a time that is in the middle of a pre-load - the content will sometimes not play.
  10. I realized what the problem was - If a clip is pre-loaded and you then jump to a time in the middle of that pre-load it causes the playback issue. I am assuming this means that only the beginning of the pre-load actually loads the content? That's great for running in sequence but not so great for tech scenarios....
  11. Hello! I am running into a possible bug in Watchout 6.4.1 where a pre-loaded video freezes when it is fading up. Running a video before it, preloading the next clip - fading up that cue causes an inconsistent freeze. It seems that it only happens when I am manually pre-loading. The clip that is having the issues is free-running and looping. Thanks!
  12. Interesting, I did that and was able make it see the file without pushing. Except the file would not play when jumping to it in the timeline. I am wondering if this has to do with caching?
  13. Hello. Dumb question, with slow transfer speeds between tranfering content to the production computer, then waiting for the production computer to transfer content to the display... Is there anything wrong with transfering content directly to the display computer as well?
  14. As always, simply posting online leads to me finding a quick solution. For future reference, disabling "hardware acceleration" while importing the clip allows for playback on the production computer.
  15. Hello! I am running into an error while playing back HAP files. The HAP file will not play in the preview window, but it plays successfuly on the display computer. This is allowing us smoother playback but it is now more difficult to edit. The error I am running into is "From video 'file location of media folder of media list' Error: Unable to render DS video" There are no external HAP drivers downloaded. Thanks!
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