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  1. Interesting, I did that and was able make it see the file without pushing. Except the file would not play when jumping to it in the timeline. I am wondering if this has to do with caching?
  2. Hello. Dumb question, with slow transfer speeds between tranfering content to the production computer, then waiting for the production computer to transfer content to the display... Is there anything wrong with transfering content directly to the display computer as well?
  3. As always, simply posting online leads to me finding a quick solution. For future reference, disabling "hardware acceleration" while importing the clip allows for playback on the production computer.
  4. Hello! I am running into an error while playing back HAP files. The HAP file will not play in the preview window, but it plays successfuly on the display computer. This is allowing us smoother playback but it is now more difficult to edit. The error I am running into is "From video 'file location of media folder of media list' Error: Unable to render DS video" There are no external HAP drivers downloaded. Thanks!
  5. Hello, Was just playing with the 3D projection mapping tool. I see that sometimes when I map it to an object, the actual projector gets lost in 3D space and I am unable to find it. Is there a way to "gather" the projectors? or have a list of what projectors I have, so that I can edit them via the list? Since I am already asking a question, I might as well ask another... How can I be certain that when I import a 3DS file, that it is placed at a Z of 0. In my tests I found that my content, and my 3D object were aligned in the X and Y axis, but not the Z. Thanks!
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