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  1. License Key Server Not Found

    Network would be my first guess also.
  2. There's a facebook group?? How do I find that?
  3. Direct URL Images in 6.2

    Would you not use Dynamic Image Server?
  4. 50hz on 4 displays, one computer.

    Capture your EDID on all four outputs, set them up in firepro settings to 50hz, make sure you're using active adaptors, and make sure the project settings in watchout are set to 50hz. Z
  5. WO and DeckLink Mini recorder

    This is usually a framerate thing. Double check your framerate out of the device, in the actual blackmagic driver, AND in watchout.
  6. Error updating media servers after update to 6.2.1

    Try turning off windows firewall on your production machine. This had me running in circles(again) the other week. Wish I could say it was the first time I've made that mistake but it got me again....
  7. Control PTZ camera using string cue

    Hi Christian - VISCA is a standard control protocol created by Sony. It has been adopted by many, but often times varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, and some manufacturers have entirely different protocols. Best to check the manufacturers manuals to see what they allow. Furthermore it's worth noting that VISCA is based on RS-485(with options for 232) and is technically not a network protocol, though many cameras allow for VISCA over IP.
  8. Artnet to Snakesys B4 (Chamsys)

    Try this thread: http://forum.dataton.com/topic/2827-control-dmx-channels-with-artnet/?hl=artnet
  9. Control PTZ camera using string cue

    Looks like standard VISCA... that 'x' after the 8 refers to the camera number. 88 is broadcast to all. since it's hex, you would enter the commands with the '$' escape character. Here's the command to send cam 2 to preset 5: '$82$01$04$3F$02$05$FF' It looks like you need to open a TCP socket on 5678 to send it PTZ commands. Have fun!
  10. Aux Timeline Fade up problem

    Try bumping your whole clip back .5 seconds in the aux timeline. Then try. Z
  11. Problems to Out [email protected] on WO 6.2

    Any chance Dataton will be migrating to DirectX 11?
  12. Which Model Panasonic? Could be any number of things... wiring to/from moxa/projector; baud rate/parity settings; etc. Most panasonics can be controlled via IP, as well... Panasonic's website has very useful guides, but different projector series have different APIs - make sure you grab the right one.
  13. AMD Radeon Pro Duo

    I was curious if it actually showed up as 2 GPUs or if it somehow acted as one in the DirectX environment...
  14. AMD Radeon Pro Duo

    Anyone use the AMD Radeon Pro Duo yet? I loved my W8100 and I'm looking for a replacement...
  15. Problems showing HTML with Dynamic Image server

    My understanding is the Dynamic Image Server is not intended to serve video content.