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  1. zackboyd

    WATCHOUT 6.2.2 not seeing video capture

    I'm not a big fan of the BMD capture cards. I will say I'm using Datapath cards on the newest version just fine. The remote access piece is a flavor of VNC built into watchout. The downside of that is if watchout itself isn't running, no remote support. I've been playing with varying levels of other workarounds for this - adding remote relays to the power/reset buttons on the motherboard, remote KVM systems, but most prominently I've been running Teamviewer. Teamviewer DEFINITELY is NOT recommended, but it's sort of my best worst option right now. I'm having good results on machines that are on very segmented networks. Again, its definitely not recommended though.
  2. zackboyd

    WATCHOUT 6.2.2 not seeing video capture

    Have you remoted into the display computer and selected the BMD driver in the 'Video In' menu for Input 1? While in stage - ctrl-shift-a with an output selected. When complete I usually do a file-relaunch, especially after changing settings.
  3. This just plays into media/cue organization. I don't often find a reason to have a piece of media in the same show twice...... Timecoded shows would be the exception but then we're only doing this in the main timeline for that instance.
  4. zackboyd

    Rendering Workflow for Watchout

    You're making this too hard on yourself. The content you create should be on the flattened uv map of the model, which will then be mapped to the model in watchout.
  5. zackboyd

    Display Freezing

    This sounds like something in the media, rather than the hardware. Can you share your encoding specs?
  6. zackboyd

    Watchnet wake up non watch out pc on lan

    Hi Wilson - Wake-On-Lan is not a Watchout thing, it's a standard. It must be enabled on the bios of your machine. The WOL packet or 'Magic Packet' is 6 bytes of 255 followed by 16 instances of the machine's MAC address, UDP broadcast to port 9.
  7. I prefer AMX, but this can be done many many ways with many different platforms. Watchnet can also probably get you where you need as well.
  8. zackboyd

    Watchnet not locating to correct Cue from Script

    Did you try adding a 0.1 jump-to-run delay?
  9. zackboyd

    Watchpoint startup issue Windows 10

    Just checking - do you have anything in the auto-start script?
  10. zackboyd

    How to get the queue time

    This is my solve most often - an output just for the SM/Director with the same clip that has the coutdown - you can adjust the start time of the clip to match the length of cue - I also do some text with TRT and clip title. When the 'play speed' functionality was released, I MAY have adjusted the last 10 seconds to play slower/faster to toy with some of my favorite SMs....🤣
  11. zackboyd

    Experience with WX 9100 and S400

    Miro this is awesome info!!! Thank you for benching this!!
  12. zackboyd

    Windows HAP without QuickTime?

    I just updated.... *facepalm*
  13. zackboyd

    New Watchout Display System

    I've used the blackmagic cards quite a bit, but know they have significant latency that makes them pretty much unusable for IMAG(if that's your intent).
  14. zackboyd

    Project challenge

    To add to JFK - I would recommend using virtual displays in case you have scenes where the displays are one big canvas, and other scenes where they're used as traditional displays... I've made the mistake before of locking myself into one big canvas, only to have the director ask for individual screens and having to scale the media down into the canvas size. Z
  15. zackboyd

    LED wall confidence monitor

    If you're driving it with a virtual display, just scale that virtual display to an output and use as confidence. If not using a virtual display, make one just for that purpose.