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  1. Hi What is the most recommended and stable - Sound Cards / Hard ware devices to drive 16/24 Channels of audio ? Thanks Percy
  2. Percival

    Lost of licence key

    understood Thank you
  3. Percival

    Lost of licence key

    @DatatonSupport Would appreciate if some information /advice about this is possible
  4. Percival

    Rotate geometric window

    Depending on what your Physical Projection Setup is, there are a few work arounds. i've found it convenient to Generate a Edid which is Vertical - 1200 x 1920 for Example. In that case, your Display to be added in the stage would be 1200 x 1920 which would also mean your Geometry Looked Just the way you would want it. Hope that Helps.
  5. Percival

    Windows Tweaks - Win7 & Win10

    Many thanks - will look into these
  6. Percival

    Windows Tweaks - Win7 & Win10

    Thanks for the information Thomas,,, Appreciate it. Thanks David. It would be great to get something preliminary for Win 10, i understand it would take more time. How about Maybe an updated one for Win 7 ? This would help a lot of us im sure. Thanks either ways.
  7. Hi Guys, Is there a new updated Windows Tweaking List from Dataton HQ ? It would be Great to have one for Windows 7 and Windows 10 On the other hand, Does anyone have any Tweaks that they performed themselves ? it would be great to hear about how it worked for you here. Best Percy
  8. Percival

    different Resolutions

    This is what has worked for me since V4 & V5 of Watchout Capture the EDID from the Sending Card, Lock that Edid to that GFX Head using a Emulator or in the FirePro series Lock in naively within the Card, You should be able to Drive anything within a Single Link Capacity - However The minimum Width or Height is 640, & 480 Respectively i think, Since V6 i Can setup all the Gfx Heads to Do different Resolutions,,, which is Epic,,, but i did find it better to maintain the same resolutions especially if i needed to Use External Syn to lock all the Heads together. Custom Resolutions is ALL i use with feeding LED screens,,, basically lets you maximize on your Overall Canvas
  9. Percival

    Drag and drop not working in media bin

    Had this exact same issue crop up recently with me, Anyone with any clues to solving this out there ?
  10. Percival

    No Datapath capture with WO6

    hehehe, So what is it exactly the difference ? RGB represents a RGBHV analog signal as opposed to HDMI being a Digital signal only ?
  11. Percival

    No Datapath capture with WO6

    Hi Guys, I have Faced a Similar Problem on Various builds of Displays. On the Datapath E1s & E2s, if RGB Mode is Selected it doesnt work - maybe it works the first time the cue is triggered, but if the server is updated or if you go online and offline, the Signal wont be there anymore. The only Fix around this is to Select HDMI Mode in the Media File Settings. I was under the impression that HDMI was selected only for HDTV Signals (720p 1080i ... ) But HDMI is selected no matter what the Resolution is, even if its 1366x768 / 1024x768 / 1600x1200 / 1400 x 1050 On V5.5.2 We dont have this issue, RGB is selected for any PC resolution and it works, Any thoughts on something we may be missing ?
  12. http://academy.dataton.com/recipe/multi-channel-audio-playback is the Motu 828 Supported in WO now ? Does this mean ASIO support or WDM ?
  13. Percival

    3rd party software to do 360projection

    Hi Adela, Will WO6 handle Dome Projection Natively ? without a 3rd party software ? Whats the workflow like ?
  14. Percival

    Lost of licence key

    Is it possible to Lock a Dongle to a particular Mac Address ? maybe it could ask for a password / permission to shift it to another System ? Curious to know if we could add some layers of security via the Codemeter Software.
  15. Percival

    Feature requests? - POST here

    Hi Mike, With Respect to speed, I have had multiple needs the need to Either Playback a Specific Timeline/Comp at a Faster Rate - this timeline may have images or video in it. Set a Particular Video/ to Playback at a Faster Rate With Respect to Looping, It would be great to have the ability to playback a video in reverse and have the similar option while making a clip a free running loop.