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  1. Hello JFK, Thank you so much for your response, and I am sorry I didn't reply sooner. You are of course absolutely right, there is no general reason why the system clock should be changed. However, I regularly do events (as many of us probably do) in different countries. Often in such cases the local time is different to the time on the show machines that have travelled with me. More than once a client has commented on my machine having the "wrong time", which makes file copying timestamps out of sync with local time. So I rather naively adjust my clock to the local time, thinkin
  2. Hello Quim, I am not an audio guy, but I have used Dante for installs before, and have Dante Virtual Soundcard installed on my machine, and while I can't verify that this works (I don't have a dante clock source here), it does seem posible within the Watchout production software to be able to select "Dante Virtual Soundcard [ASIO]" as an "Input device" source for "Timecode" "control of the main timeline" within the preferences, under the control tab. Would love to have confirmation of this working, so if you test it, please let us know. Many Thanks, Raoul
  3. Hello Everyone, While running an external piece of software that created a virtual real time clock within Watchout (using inputs and goto commands), I observed some unexpected behaviour when changing the time of the clock. Can anyone please confirm that if you change the computers system clock to an earlier time, the Production software Gui appears to "freeze". With the length of the freeze seeming to correspond to the time difference you set the clock back by. Please note, I have only tested this on two versions of Watchout v6.4.1 & v6.6.1 on two non-optimised machines running
  4. Thomas always seemed like a rather sterling chap. Always helpful in his many contributions to this forum. I know his advice will be missed by the more silent members of this forum such as myself. Peace be the journey!
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