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S400 and video walls, some considerations

Alex Ramos

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Hey all,


Im using watchout to drive LCDs video walls and LED screens.


When working with LCD video walls some times I need to used multiple outputs from the same machine or from multiple machines.

To keep every thing in sync Im using S400 cards, but.....not always this is working good.

Some times I can't make  the ATI cards outputs to sync.

Even with the S400 card installed and powered I don't get the option to select the outputs to follow the master.


Lets say we have a 9 wide x 5 tall video wall config.








Now each area (number) is connected to a different DVI output and the screens are DVI looped.








Being all the monitors the same brand and model, even from the same batch. Should be possible to sync the outputs.

But no, its not.


After some testing in the workshop Ive found that:


Its not posible to sync outputs with different screen EDID.




For some reason the ATI card can see that some outputs have more screen than others, and considers this to be like different screens model.  Even if in windows setting for resolution the multiple outputs show the same EDID, "sharp monitor".


The only way Ive managed to sync everything was using DVI Parrots loaded with the monitors EDID to fake that only one monitor  is connected to the output.



Hope this can help anyone in future projects.





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Hi, glad you found the Parrot solution, which is exactly the same solution we use. And to make things even easier, we have build our node PC's, using this graphic card:


With that solution we have 5 outputs from one machine. You can configure it with 6 outputs, but for support reasons, we have saved one for the the OS. It also means you just need one node license.


Best regards Christian

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We use a KVM DVI switch matrix, from Gunthermann & Drunck



Actually we use this with almost all our stationary equipment. 

It works great, and and make it possible to get access from anywhere.



Can you access the operating system while Watchout is active and running on the other monitors?


I didn't think you could do that...

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