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Keynote via NDI


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I recently had to bring in a keynote presentation into a Watchout show. Using NDI scan converter for mac the NDI stream was not frame accurate. 

We are presenting on a large LED wall so we had to use a 4K keynote for pixel accuracy.

This is essentially a road show so I need a better solution.

Would you use a 4K HDMI to NDI capture box or

Would you use a 4K HDMI to Usb capture card?

Installing 4K capture in our servers is currently not an option. 

Magewell $K usb capture is a thought but I am intrigued by NDI

The presentation in Keynote is critical and a switcher is not inline between Watchout and the LED processors.

Any thoughts are welcome

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We are using 2 servers for the wall but in a main and back up scenario.

They have sync cards in them but are only syncing their own outputs rather than daisy chaining.

We are using NDI scanconverter not NDI /HX (not mac compliant).

It turns out Scan converter will not give you frame rate accurate outputs 

the dropping frames just gets amplified by the size of the wall

The entire network is gigabit though not a mangaed switch

All Cat6 cables

We did testing with powerpoint later this week and were equally disapointed with the results.

While the whole Video over IP thing is a really good idea there seems to be too many competing Technologies.

NewTek need to improve scanconverter


Thats my 2 cents



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