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What to look for when receiving "Can't create show" error


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Display system 1 worked fine, I changed the display system's IP in Watchmaker to test display system 2 and the connection tests as "good". When I try to go online I get messages saying "create; Can't create show", then "load; Show doesn't exist" and then "gotoTime; Not applicable". I tried creating a new watchmaker file but no change. What should I look for to resolve this? 


The prep checklist has been completed, there's plenty of space on the drives, ip's are good and the connection tests ok. I'm end-of-the-week-stumped.

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I have seen that happen from an installation of VNC - I know, it does not make sense,

but it turned out to be the cause. Some VNC variants can be quite disruptive to WATCHOUT


Accidentally copying the display software to startup items (instead of a shortcut),

but that does not sound like the case here.


Also confirm you do not have two instances of watchmaker running.

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haha, I decided to just clone another system over, we don't generally do anything beyond simple display sync, so there's never any VNC installed, or ancillary configuration. Now I've got a directshow media error. The clone is directly off of the system I just qc'ed and built my show with, and the windows media settings in windows features are set just like the tweak list says. Maybe this is a good case for investing in Watchpax ;)

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