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Subtitles for entire play seperate from other projections


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I'm designing with Watchout for the first time, and the play I'm working on will be have subtitles going throught the entire production - around 200 cues alltogether. 


I'm planning on triggering every Watchout cue from Qlab via MIDI Show Control. Some of these cues are going to be based on a click track in Qlab.


Should I plan to do all of this in Watchout? Or will it be a nightmare dealing with all these subtitles in addition to my larger image and video projection cues in the timeline? 



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Hi Nick,



If Qlab is simply cuing timeilne advance, then it wouldn't take an extra work (other than setting/timelining the subtitles) i wouldn't think.

The work is going to have to be done anyway one way or another. Personally i would use Watchout in this situation unless someone made a really good case against it somehow.



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Thanks for the reply, Rob.

Being new to Watchout, I'm wondering how to approach the delivery of this combination of larger design cues, and smaller, constant subtitles.  Does everything have to be on the timline and moved through linearly? 


For example, If I build a long complex visual cue, can I have subtitle cues going at the same time that have independent starts and stops, without stopping the larger cue?




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Use Tasks.

Each one can be triggered individually.

And since you already will have MIDI set up, you can use it to trigger each task.

However, MSC can control the main timeline or tasks. I don't remember if it does both.

You might use a Midi Note to trigger each subtitle.

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... However, MSC can control the main timeline or tasks. I don't remember if it does both.


While it is technically possible to do both, rarely does a lighting board support that.

It is usually either main timeline only / or auxiliary timelines only with lighting consoles,

based on the WO preference setting for handling cuelist values.


On the other hand, with Q-lab you might be able to pull it off.

To control the main timeline with cuelists mapped to auxiliary timelines,

 you need to send a MSC Go cue # with no cuelist value.

With the cuelist value missing, it is still a valid command, as the cuelist value is optional in the MSC spec.


But that is probably not worth the bother,

you are going to have to use at least one cuelist to achieve two separate asynchronous cued timelines,

you might as well simplify, and do it all in aux timelines and leave the main timeline out of it.


You might use a Midi Note to trigger each subtitle.


Using MIDI note as a relative 'next cue' trigger is not as reliable as using MSC as an absolute 'go cue #' trigger.

I guess you could use a different MIDI note for every cue,

but that would be a major pain to program in WATCHOUT compared to MSC.


If you can get MSC working with cuelists, and I suspect with Q-Lab that is easy enough,

then MSC would be better.

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