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Blurry Display Name on Some Outputs in Windows 10 AMD W4100 17q4.1


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I have two servers on Windows 10 AMD Driver 17q4.1. AMD W4100 video card

The servers work fine when online, however, when they startup, the Display Name is blurry on outputs 2, 3, and 4. 

Attached are pics of Output 1 and Output 2 (the blurry one) for comparison

Any thoughts on why this would be? The outboard gear on both displays is identical.


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15 minutes ago, mindopera said:

What kind of displays are you using? 

Image  IMG_0700.HEIC doesn't look blurry it looks doubled.  Are these projectors and are they aligned properly?

You are correct, the text is doubled, not blurry.

The pic is of the same SDI monitor plugged into two sdi outputs in sucession.

All 4 displays are going to Blackmagic HDMI->SDI microconverters. I plugged those into an SDI monitor to take the pics, but the text is doubled no matter what monitor or projector I plug the SDI output of the microconverter into. It also happens if I plug the output into an hdmi monitor with a MDP-HDMI cable. But again, only on outputs 2,3, and 4

Watchout V6.5 on Windows 10

Interestingly it doesn't happen in Windows 7 with an identical setup and Watchout 6.5

27 minutes ago, jfk said:

HEIC will not open inn MAcOS Sierra, so I cannot see your images. Never seen an issue with the output of the logo screens being blurry, very strange. BTW Always indicate the WATCHOUT version you are asking about.

attached are some jpegs

Watchout version is 6.5IMG_0701.thumb.jpg.dcdaa93d9750b33c7603fa42a40695db.jpgIMG_0700.thumb.jpg.595777f48b04e03031a077a70765e979.jpg

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