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Help with projector commands

J Sikorski

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Hello all,

I am working as a projection tech for a production with my university's current production. I am trying to send strings to the projectors in order to command a power on/off or shutter close/open. 

So far I am not having luck, with every attempt getting the "Failed to deliver data" error. I am wondering what I am missing in my workflow or physical set up that may cause this.

I am attaching my system diagram. I am using a generic Dell machine as the production computer and a ShowSage 4 output watchout cube as the display computer. The production computer runs through a long ethernet to an 8-port Netgear switch that then distributes the signal to the display computer and all four projectors. I have an output item in watchout that sends the info (ex. Name"BHL Lamp Off" TCP *the string being sent*) and then that output item is put in an auxiliary timeline to be triggered through the task menu. The projectors being used are two Barco PGWU-61b and two Christie DS+650. These each have an ethernet port in the back where I am trying to send the data to.

So my question is, what am I missing where it would be causing this issue? Physical or software side.


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Just to be clear - the shutters are not working on both Barco and Christie projectors... right?

Your shutter close command for the Barco is correct, other commands are:

$fe$00$23$42$00$65$ff                        Shutter Closed

$fe$00$22$42$00$64$ff                        Shutter Open

$fe$00$00$03$02$76$1a$01$96$ff    Lamp On

$fe$00$00$03$02$76$1a$00$95$ff    Lamp Off

The Christie is a bit different:

(SHU 1)$0D    Shutter closed

(SHU 0)$0D    Shutter open

(PWR 1)$0D    Lamp on

(PWR 0)$0D    Lamp off

A few things to check:

- Make sure your ports, ip addys, and username / passwords are correct.  The last being what I usually mess up and fix for a miracle.  The Christie - of course - is tricky because it will be admin / admin OR service / service depending on the model.  

- Check to see if you can access the projectors via a web interface over your LAN.  If you can't, there's probably a problem with your projector settings.

For my workflow in wO6 (and I think wO5?? It's been a while), I setup each projector in the OUTPUT window, build a Aux Timeline in TASKS that has three instances .2 seconds apart of the TCP string for each command.  Once everything works nicely, I'll build it so all projectors are controlled at the same time.  

Hope this helps, good luck!


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