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wake-on-Lan and shutdown watchpax with external control system


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I have an installation with 8 watchpax + one production computer.

The complete museum is controlled by a Crestron control system.


I want to start-up the system at the morning and switch it off at the end of the day with the Crestron

as I do on other installation with "classic "PC with watchout display licence (with wake on lan and a little script for shutdown).


I see that it's possible from the production (from stage menu, control server display) but I don't see any command for this in the user manual. (appendix D production computer protocol or E display cluster protocol)


Could you tell me if it's possible, how? ( command?, port? editing the startup script of the watchpax?)


Thank-you for your answer.




Philippe Morsa


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Yes its possible.


Open a TCP/IP connection ( machine IP, port 3039) to the display you need to shutdown, authenticate and send the powerDown command.

ex: "authenticate 1" & vbCrLf & "powerDown" & vbCrLf. this is for VB.net


​You need to do this individually for each machine.

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thank you, I'll try.

But for the wake-up, I presume that there is no command.


sure, there is an IT industry standard command for Wake On LAN.

no watchout command, because obviously watchout is not running


I must make a wake on lan by calling the mac address of each watchpax?


with a Magic Packet, yes. Wake On LAN is a computer industry standard.

There is plenty of documentation online on the operation of Wake On LAN.


As far as obtaining the MAC address, cluster protocol includes a query to obtain that.

for more details, see this post -- IP power down


is it ok like this or must I configure something in the start-up script?


That is a vague question. The WATCHPAX will power up into its logo screen.

Since you have a control system sending the Wake On LAN,

then it would make sense for the control system to tell it what to do next,

so then no need for startup script.

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Thanks for your useful info above, when using an external control system such as Crestron together with WATCHOUT and WATCHPAX. 


If your are playing with the idea to use our new WATCHNET control system http://www.dataton.com/store/product/watchout/watchnet Power up and Power down are built-in scripting options.¨


Best regards,

Fredrik Svahnberg

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