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MIDI Wireless Button and MIDI card


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Hi All,


I am working on a project with a corporate that wants the following:


They will host a conference in a large room, in which the presenter (speaker) will not have eye-contact with all the tables. 


They want to have a wireless push button in each table, that when the table wants to ask a question, a monitor will indicate where the question came from.


So ideally, the result will be: Table number 5 press the button, and the display shows "question from table #5". When a new table is pushing the button, it will override the previous screen and show "question from 'New Table #'".


What I was thinking is to use a midi push buttons in each table, and program a cued slide that will be activated through MIDI control cue.



1. Is my plan is doable? is there a better way to achieve the desired outcome?

2. Does anyone know what is the best MIDI signal receiver to use with Watchout?

3. Does anyone know a single button wireless midi controller?

4. Is there an Appstore/ Android app that can send MIDI signals to the MIDI receiver? 


Thank you so  much,


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What about using UDP messages.

Create an wireless network and use generic inputs for UDP and use the iPhone or any Android device.


Apps like UDP TCP Server or UDP sender, there's so many similar free apps.


TCP is safer connection but I don't thing production allows more than one client at same time.


or the iPhone control app from watchout !!

or a laptop with small flash or .net code.

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