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i need more powerful Dynamic Image Server.


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hi all~!


my show is show 30-FHD image file(jpg) via Dynamic Image server.


But.. image appears on the display, takes a long time. (over 5 sec.)


I want the images to appears a more  quickly.


how can it be faster?




Display server & dynamic image server


win7 64bit

i7 3870

16gb ram

ATI 7970

128g SSD

x79 MB

gigabit network


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I'll suggest you try using URL-based images or Image Proxy.

From the 5.5 Release Notes:


URL-based images


In addition to loading images from a file on disk, or from the Dynamic Image Server added in WATCHOUT version 5, you may now also load an image from a URL. This is similar to loading images through the Dynamic Image Server in that the image will be loaded afresh each time it's displayed, allowing images to be easily updated. The URL you specify may refer to an actual website on the Internet (e.g., a weather map), or may point to an in-house web server used only for serving images to WATCHOUT.


To use this feature, first determine the URL of the image to be used. This can be done using a web browser by right-clicking the image and choosing "Copy Image Location", or similar command. This gives you the image URL. Open a new browser window and paste in the URL (which typically ends in .jpg or .png) to make sure you get just the image. Determine the dimensions of the image, in pixels, by dragging the image onto your hard drive and opening it using an image editor.


In WATCHOUT, choose "Add Image Proxy" on the Media menu, paste in the URL of the image, and enter its dimensions. If the image contains transparency, select the type under "Transparency". Click OK, then use the image as usual in WATCHOUT. Each display computer will load the image from the URL every time it's displayed.


NOTE: Unlike images served by the Dynamic Image Server, URL-based images won't update on screen if the original file changes while they're displayed. You need to close the image and re-display it using a new cue in order to update it on screen.



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FYI I am working with a customer using up to 45 1920x1080 .png images that all change every ten seconds.

We are doing it with the URL method and it works very well.

Otherwise, you are probably looking at multiple dynamic image servers.

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  • 10 months later...


with Dynamic Image Server in WO6, I want to link to my twitter favorited timeline (using HTML). My HTML code animates the favorited tweets onto screen as they come in.

Will WO show this live update with the html animation, or do I need to take the media item off and back on again for it to refresh?



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