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2 capture cards in same display


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Quick Question / advice, 


i need to install 2 SDI capture cards into one of are 6 output display machines, we already have the cards from our old system, Black Magic SDI, 


has anybody tried to have 2 of the same card in a single machine, do you think i would have a conflict ?


would normaly be using Spyder, with watchout, but the line us has a lot of Geometry Correction to be done ( mapping show )






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when you say "installed correctly" i already have 1 card in thats working perfect,

do i just install the 2nd card, i assume i would not have to install the driver again


That would be incorrect. You must install an instance of the driver for each capture card.

Multiple cards do not share drivers.


the display is a Showsage Extreme, 6 outputs :)




The machine is capable of the task, but typically Show Sage sells and installs the option cards at time of purchase.

This way Show Sage can guarantee them with the system.

Installing cards after purchase 'suspends' the Show Sage warranty.

i.e. Show Sage only warrants what it builds and tunes at time of purchase.

If your computer would develop reliability issues after customer modification of the system,

Show Sage warranty can be 'restored' by removing the customer installed equipment

and restoring the original Acronis archive supplied on the machines Acronis Secure Zone.


Installation of BMD cards and driver are known to disrupt some aspects of WATCHOUT playback.

Part of Show Sage's tuning process is to correct those issues with careful installation of the drivers

and removing the harmful side effects of the BMD  install in the Windows registry.

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In my experience, I never installed Blackmagic drivers on a PC more than once.

The driver discovers and manages multiple cards flawlessly.

Never had any disruption on any aspect of Watchout due to BMD driver nor card installation.


The only point to be aware of is PCI issues on motherboards that share PCI lanes across adjacent PCI slots

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