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Dynamic Image server in a virtual server environment


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I want to set up a Watchout Image server, but for a lot of reasons, I want to do it on a virtual server.

Since it's a virtual server, I can't plug a license dongle in a USB slot, and start the service.


What options do I have, regarding this problem? Or is the only way to establish an old school server?  :huh:  :ph34r: 


Best regards Christian 

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USB is a minimum requirement in the WATCHOUT specs found in the User Guide.


Appendix A — System requirements — page 223

This appendix lists what you need in order to install WATCHOUT on a PC.
COMPUTER A WATCHOUT computer has the following minimum system requirements:
• Intel or AMD dual core processor (quad core to drive multiple displays).
• USB port.
• Ethernet port.
• SATA hard disk (SSD recommended to drive multiple displays).
• 2 GB RAM (3 GB to drive multiple displays).
• PCI Express 16x video card slot.
• Modern ATI or nVidia graphics card with 256 MB of video memory (1GB
if driving multiple displays).
• High quality audio output or sound card/interface.
• Windows 7 Home
• DirectX 9c (included in Windows 7).


NOTE: It is generally not recommended to mix different kinds of computers
or graphics cards in one display cluster.


There is an alternative way to provide a license to the WATCHOUT computer over the network,

but that is a VERY expensive solution.

Minimum software license price for remote serving of the license

starts at 12 x regular license costs (and this does serve over the network the equivalent of 12 keys),

and a dedicated PC for serving the licenses (quite a simple PC, well below WATCHOUT spec will do the license server job,

as long as it is windows and is reliable, it is good enough.)


So how bad do you really want that virtual machine with no USB access to run WATCHOUT software?

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