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i use crestron controller for a multi language show.

i want to use the enableLayerCon command and it works fine, but i don't get a feedback to know 

that my command has passed.

You could use command ID tagging to get feed back confirming the command has been accepted.

reference WATCHOUT User Guide, Appendix E, page 274


is there an option to know which condition is true ?


No, you need to keep track of that in your control system.

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Please see my inline comments below.





another thing. i use hdmi outputs. after shutting down the projectors and turning back on the software crashes because the screens are lost.


This is an EDID failure, due to the projector does not give you any EDID when turned off.



is there any way to avoid this?


Oh yes, using EDID Managers like TMB:s DVI Parrot or Gefen DVI Detective, on all outputs,

as mentioned frequently here on the Forum, will remedy this.

Newer professional graphics cards like AMD FirePro or NVidia Quadro, have this built-in.



is there any command for re launch the software ?


In this case I think Windows needs to be re-booted, anyway.

One way of course, is to turn OFF the WATCHOUT-system before turning OFF the projectors,

Then turning ON the projectors before the WATCHOUT-system.

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