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Multiple network cameras


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There's no "maximum number" as far as WATCHOUT is concerned (as with most other things in WO). So the answer is the dreaded "it depends". It depends on resolution, framerate, encoding, network bandwidth available, what else the system is doing, desired quality, etc, etc. So I suggest you just give it a try, tweaking the above properties as you go until you figured out whether it works for your use case. I suggest you avoid any wireless network stuff.



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That seems like a reasonable answer. I have client that wants to add 12 to 14 network cameras running at the same time captured to a video wall, which will use 3 WO display computers. I don't want to purchase that many cameras for a test so I was hoping that there was a threshold that people usually hit after, say four cameras on a single computer, where the images start to fail based on average or above average hardware. Based on your answer there is a potential threshold for hardware, but not the WO software.

Thanks Mike

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