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Basic question regarding Cache


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Hi there

After sometime of seeing watchout in action, I am now, for the first time my own. I believe I will spend sometime here on the forum.

I do have a basic question regarding the Cache folder.

I have some identical files there, actually a lot of duplicates, but with the line "(conflicted copy YEAR-MO-DAY)" on half of them

I suspect the fact that my whole project is on Dropbox, where I can access it from 2 different computers...


Is it?

Is it a wrong workflow?

Other than the fact the the folder is large in size, is there anyway it can do harm in the future?

I like the fact that I can access and tweak from home and office...


Have a good week 




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Welcome onboard!


WATCHOUT does not create files with that name. Probably something Dropbox does.  Note that the Cache folder can get rather large, and consists entirely of derived files, so if possible you may want to exclude it from what gets stored on Dropbox. I don't know if Dropbox support excluding folders somehow. Perhaps someone else can chime in here.



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Welcome, Mike is correct, WO does not create conflicted copies, Dropbox does. You also have the right idea in being able to work in two places using Dropbox. You just can't have the file open at the same time or DB will created a conflicted copy and if you open the conflicted copy, then WO assumes its a new file and creates a new cache file, which will be the exact name of the file conflicted. You can test how this works by opening and saving word document, then leave it open at your office and return to your other work station and open the same word file, then save that. DB will not over write your first file it will create a conflicted file instead. I believe this is to aliviate multiple users from overwriting each other's files.


We have used the DB workflow for years with the understanding that with every file whether it's a WO file or not, DB will create a conflicted copy of any file that is opened and saved in two places . So before you leave your office simply shut the WO program off and you can work with the same file at home without this issue.

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Watchout does exclude folders using dropbox Preferences>Account> Selective Sync   


I'm not quite sure about using dropbox as your storage folder. I'd be kinda suspicious. I would just copy the file after I'm done on one computer, and by the time you get home it would be on your other one.

If you do turn off the cache folder, your file would re-cache everytime you open it at a certain location. Which might be a pain depending on the size.

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Thanks for the reply!

And yes... you were right.

"If two people change the same file at the same time, Dropbox won't try to merge the changes. Instead, it will save the original file as well as a second "

I guess I am conflicting when I open a project at home and by that creating the cache files...

If I understand correctly if I delete the folder, nothing will happen to the project, its just that next time I open it, it'll recreate a cache chunk... right?




(Is there a newbie forum?)

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