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Free Running like behavior without Comp or Video file?


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This is a pretty basic question, and I assume the answer is simply NO. Cant find a way in the manual or examples. 

I have to ask though, before I proceed.

Is there a way to scale a JPG for example - Scaling for 10 Seconds, But having a Pause Cue after 2 seconds while scaling will continue? (I might want to continue after 3 Seconds or 7...)

I assume not because if the scaling is on the same timeline the Pause will...Pause it.

The way to go is putting the scaling JPG in a longer Composition and put the comp on the timeline.


If I am correct and Comps is the way to go - Is there a way to duplicate Comps in my media window and quickly switch JPGS in these duplicated? (I have hundreds of JPGS and Pause Cues and I am looking for an efficient workflow)



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Use Text edit to rename the comp. This copied info is from a previous post.

I believe the name of the comp is 1/2 way to 3/4 way down the text file.


It's a little bit of a hack, but I just tried this on a whim. Copy a composition, open up a text editor like notepad and paste. I searched for the Comp name, modified it slightly, copied all the text, and pasted it back into Watchout. Bam! New copy of my comp, everything identical except the name. Maybe I'll get adventurous and try using the text editor to tweak other settings inside the comp... Hope this helps someone else!

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Hi Adam,


For 'almost' duplicating a comp, the Hotkeys script by Walter Sokya is very useful. I say 'almost' since it - like the Watchout interface - defaults to a composition size which matches the size of your combined displays. Having said that, it's still a major time-saver. The ability to duplicate compositions has been mentioned on the feature request thread a few times - you might want to chime in over there if you'd also like to see this built into Watchout one day.


See this thread for the download link:


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Never dealt with Watchout scripts. Is there a designated folder to put them in (aka install?) I will read through his post and instructions/


Well that is a bit confusing, there is such a thing as WATCHOUT scripts,

but I believe you really mean AutoHotkey scripts for WATCHOUT,

not the same thing  ;)

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