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Hi there,


We had an event using watch out. Our videos where HD. So the operator converted our files to mpeg2. After the initial run, the videos seemed to playback smoothly. But after the first run, the playback lagged until the show ended. There where 3 layers. 1 for the animated background, 2 for the main visuals and 3, the live feed that was positioned on both sides on top of the main visuals. The operator was claiming is that the problem was with our format. But should"t that be no longer an issue since he converted the videos? After the show, they played back another video (just 1, no other layers), the video still lagged. Hope someone can shine a light on this matter.


Thanks in advance!

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Hi AMS, can you describe the lag that is occurring?  Such as the the video and audio goes out of sync or one video losses sync with another.  

I have had issues where WO seems to not be very responsive only to find out that I had accidentally opened the same file underneath the first version. 

I think they were both fighting for control over the computer resources.  Also have had more video then the control computer can handle and by turning it to, video as thumbnails it seemed to behave better.

Can you repeat the issue again and again?

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please check the original video file first,

if no problem, then check the converted mpeg2 file.


if mpeg2 also no problem,

please make sure your Watchout machine are tuned for watchout playback by following the recommended tweaklist.


if problem still there, you should upload the project & video file to support team.



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Quick question: what do you mean with "our video's were HD? (So converted to Mpeg2)". What do you mean with "HD"? I assume the operator left it HD during the conversion? What was the codec of the source files?

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