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Watchout 6 - 32 or 64 bits ?


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WATCHOUT 6 is still 32 bit. If it were changed to 64 bit,

then it would have to drop support for Apple Quicktime, which remains 32 bit.

Still no harm installing the 64 bit OS, does help with some capture cards,

does not matter much to WATCHOUT.

But WATCHOUT 6 for now remains within the 32 bit memory space.


I have lobbied dropping QT support and moving to 64 bit.

In v6 - ProRes, h.264, and animation codec .mov files

are already supported without Apple's quicktime support.

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To answer your other question about RAM. I'd say put 8 GB in a 64 bit machine if you intend to use it mainly as a WATCHOUT player. This gives WATCHOUT 4 GB with 4GB left for the OS and other duties. More wouldn't really be of any significant advantage, except possibly for use as a large RAM disk.



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