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HAP restrictions in dimensions?


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I'm testing HAP CODEC on Watchout 6.

It seems some dimensions are not supported independantly from size nor aspect ratio.


Classical dimensions like 1920 x 1080 or 1920 x 1200 work well.


But when I try other more exotic dimensions, sometimes it works, sometimes not.


For example, these dimensions work :

800 x 640

1350 x 1050

1340 x 200

1430 x 200

1440 x 200

1450 x 10

1550 x 200

2518 x 1890

3456 x 1944


And these dimensions don't work :

1420 x 200

1500 x 100

1500 x 500

1540 x 200


By working or not I mean : I can drag and drop the files into the media windows, I can put the media on the time line but, the media don't appear in the stage window, neither can't be positionned on stage unless the stage window is resized.

And even then the file is not played though it is correctly transferred to the player.


Does anybody know about such restrictions/constraints?


Thank you.



PS : More testings seem to lead to the following conclusions (to be confirmed):

1) These restrictions only occur with regular HAP, not with HAP Q

2) These restrictions only occur when the number of pixel per line is not a multiple of 8

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I had a similar experience this week on a show. After adding HAP standard (quality set 50%) clips to the timeline Watchout 6 behaved as if they were not there at all. Oddly, HAP clips I had added to the timeline and aux timelines earlier in the day still played but if I added another instance of the same clips they would not play. I could still add any other type of media or Codec.


I had used the same clips before on 2 shows using HAP, but encoded at different resolutions / aspects, with no problems at all.


Previous OK clips where 3376x1080/30p & 4320x1080/30p.


The clips this time where 2700x1080/30p.


I have another show in 4 days and not sure what to use now. HAP is the only format I can use at any resolution across both our Mac & Windows content production workflows. On Mac side I can't output other recommended CODECs higher than 1920x1080 and Windows can't output ProRes. In other media servers I used Photo JPEG but Watchout 6 crashes when I use it.

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I will start looking into this immediately. There has been some problems with hap videos in certain dimensions in the beta versions of Watchout 6, and I was hoping I had managed to sort everything out. But apparently there are still some bugs hanging around. 


Hap is not available in Watchout 5. You will need Watchout 6 to be able to play Hap. 



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I can confirm that there is a bug in Watchout 6.0 that affects Hap and HapAlpha for certain video resolutions. HapQ may also be affected if the width and/or height of the video in pixels is not an even number. 

The bug has been resolved, and the fix will be included in an upcoming service release of Watchout 6.

Hap videos (standard, alpha and Q) should now play regardless of the resolution. Even odd sizes work (for example 1201x1203).




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I know we are in 2016 and the thread is from 2015 but I am having the same problem with 4518X1920 files. They play in quicktime player but not in watchout. I have 6.0.2. I noticed 6.1 is out but as I am currently on a show I am not sure I want to update however if the fix for hap size is in 6.1 I will gladly install it, what should I do?


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I have been testing HapQ files for a show that has been traveling around the world.  I started out using MP4 files and have slowly replaced the files with HAPQ files as i have gotten more confident with them. 

I have been very impressed with the quality and performance.  I have been relying on the AMD W7100 video card for all of these tests and using a multitude of I7 processors from a 3rd gen to a 5th gen.   The videos have been running smoother and have been able to run a lot more video at the same time.  On the I7 3rd generation processor I had as many as five 4320x720 videos running on top of each other without a hitch.  

I will continue to test the codec, but as it stands HAPQ has been easy to integrate the codec into Adobe Encoder, high quality, smooth running,  has simplified the codec jumble that I run into on a daily bases and is my new favorite codec.

Feedback, comments?

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