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WO 5.5.2-Track Label scrolling independent of tracks

scott britt

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So is there any way to keep the track number and labels on the left of timeline window from scrolling independently from the actual cues in the timeline??  I don't remember this happening in older versions but am working with a much more involved set of timelines...and so also have more timelines running...and it is quite annoying that the labels move independently...


Any way to lock them together?





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Scrolling horizontally while the timeline is running,

the layer names stay locked in the left side of the timeline window while the cues / time position scroll.
Scrolling vertically the layer names stay locked to their layers.

Same in v4, v5, or v6.


I do not understand what you are asking?

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I guess you're using Windows 10. This behavior is an incompatibility betwene WATCHOUT and a new feature in Windows 10 that scrolls what's under the mouse instead of the window that has focus. Disable this feature in Windows 10, and things should go back to normal again.


More details found a bit down in this thread:




Mike – http://fahl.se/

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