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Hello everyone,


I hope you all are doing fine. We have faced a problem during a project previously that we couldn't figure out the solution for, and that's what are seeking now.


We had a simple setup of 2 stacked projectors connected to display PC that is controlled by production PC.


The connection between the projectors and display PC is fiber optic, subsequently, we were using DVI-Fiber optic converters at the projector and production PC ends.


The projectors should be receiving signal of 1400x1050 60Hz. But for some reason, Windows is just offering the option of 1400x1050 24Hz only when we are connecting both projectors simultaneously. Which, of course, isn't supported by the projectors.


However, when there is ONLY ONE of those projectors connected at a time to the same display PC with no changes in connections or whatsoever, Windows gives options of 1400x1050 60/75Hz.


P.S. We had imported EDID info from projectors to the DVI-Fiber Optic transmitter/sender.


Systems specifications:

-Projectors: Christie Roadster S+ 20K

-Graphics card of Display PC: we tried on two different Display PCs one with ATI FirePro V8800 and the other with Nvidia GeForce GTX 780

-DVI-Fiber Optic converter: Gafen DVI FM 500



We would really appreciate your suggestions on how to solve the issue.


Thanks in advance.

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It looks like an EDID problem to me. 

It is not advisable to copy the EDID from the display to the EDID manager directly since this will copy all resolutions and frequencies at the same time. The graphic card discusses the optimal resolution with the display and if all frequencies are available, they will agree on what they decide is best.

Our approach is to use an EDID manager which can be set to a fixed resolution/frequency through dip switches, a dial selector or software. Then the graphic will only see the resolution/frequency we want to use and will switch to that.



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Our practice here is that we are using an Extron DVI Connector. Just like in our last event,. we used HD20K Projectors (4pcs). We copied the EDID resolution of the HD20K Projector by plugging in the Extron DVI connector (To Computer) to the DVI IN of the projector. We are always doing this. and then we encountered for the first time this weird problem about Hz. 

Thank you Sir RBeddig.

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