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WatchOut 3D with 3D-projectors

Halvor Bekkevold

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You can not use WATCHOUT directly with that type of stereo projector.

That projector expects both left and right information in a single video connection at a high refresh rate.

WATCHOUT does not have the ability to combine left and right eye in this way.

WATCHOUT outputs left and right eye as two separate video signals.

To use that projector, you will require a third party box to

accept the two signals and combine them into the one signal expected by the projector

(there are stereo projectors that will do this for you, but this does not appear to be one of them.)


For example, Westar EZwindow Video Combiner offers ...

Stereo Mix
Two video sources are synchronized, and then output as alternating fields. This is used for creating active stereo outputs from separate left and right sources. The output is synchronized to one of the inputs. 120 Hz operation is possible, at up to 165 MPixel/sec.
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I suppose that if the projector or display performs the alternating, you could however just create a topbottom / sidebyside signal in Watchout...

If I stream a sidebyside signal to my tv, the signal sent to the tv simply consists of two squeezed and aren't alternated. This is all done by the tv.


But of course this way the signals should already by rendered out for stereoscopic use and you can't use watchout's stereoscopic features.


You output regular passive 3D with all the features, take these two signals back into Watchout, squeeze them SbS and output an "active" single signal and let the display do the rest...


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