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Blending makes strange lines


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I am trying to blend two projectors Sony FHZ60 the blend is 400 pixels, automatic wo blend. WO 6.1.2. Win 7, Firepro 7100 and it goes through HDBase-T Atlona. The blend is perfect with some footage, but often two lines can be seen on the sides of the blend area. The lines can be clearly seen with solid grey projected, like here:





Is this correct behaviour? Should I see this or should I see perfect grey plane?


Thank you for answer.

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If you see banding in the gradient then the problem is usually that the color wheel in the projector is out of sync. This applies only to single chip projectors and can be corrected in the service menu in the projectors. When setting up a multi-projector solution all projectors should be calibrated in the following order:


1, Color wheel calibration/synchronization

2, Color/gamut calibration

3, Intensity/Brightness calibration

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The Sony FHZ60 does not have a color wheel, it's a 3LCD system with a laser phosphor light source.




The fact that it's not a DLP-based system, and less seen/tested than such a system, makes it even more important to adjust gamma/color/brightness/contrast at setup.


I agree that is is more of a projector setup issue than a WATCHOUT setup issue.



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I actually experienced this recently, as well. I have to agree with Fisejs - Watchout blending does do something weird toward the edges of its gradients. In my scenario, I ended up disabling all of Watchout's native blending tools and going "old school." I built custom feathered overlays in photoshop, and placed/scaled/positioned them on discrete tiers for each output. After a bit of tweaking, this looked 10x better and eliminated the "highlight" lines around the Watchout blends - which also indicates to me that this was not a gamma/projection issue.

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we have installed-warped-blended the projectors. The blend is 300px wide and is seamless when the image is colorfull enaugh: 



I understand that the overlaps are seen with darker images, but they are see also with brighter images:



And everywhere in grayscale:





As I said before the projectors are set to gama 2.2, but its not verified by any measurement.


Is this normal or do you get perfectly blended grayscale with lets say calibrated projectors?

Thanks for any suggestions how to make the blend better.


Unwarped setup


Warped grid:


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