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Network error; Command getMACAddr; MAC address not found


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When and where do you see this error? What do you do to make it happen? Windows OS version? Type of network?


Some context here would help. The command you refer to is used to obtain he MAC address from a WATCHOUT display computer, and I have a hard time seeing why it would fail assuming the network is working (which it seems to be, since the command can apparently be sent to the computer).

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Hi Mike


It's a tv studio with a fixed installation of 2 computers (1x production, 1x display). WO Ver 5 (latest)

OS is WIN7 Pro, network - gigabit via Mikrotik router/ switch


I am not sure how the operator received the error. I know that sometimes they are using codec which is resulting in a lost connection with the display computers (this also happens in our rental) but as far as I can see this time from the pic they've sent me (link below) there is also a problem with the space




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I see you mention a Mikrotik router/switch in the system. http://www.mikrotik.com/


How is this unit configured?
These boxes are usually highly configurable managed router/switches,

so if not configured properly, this might account for their network issues.

Maybe try with some simple, unmanaged unit?


Seems to be an issue with space on the SSD, too, as you mention, but that is probably unrelated.



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Network error; Command getMACAddr; MAC address not found


Just another thought,  could it have something do with Power Down/Power Up?

Is this used in the TV studio by any chance?


Power Down
Turns off the power of selected or all display computers. This quits WATCHOUT display software,
terminates Windows and turns off the computer. As part of this procedure, the WATCHOUT production
software also learns the hardware address of the display computers, which can then be used by
the Power Up command.
Power Up
Sends a “Wake on LAN” command via the network to selected or all display computers. If properly
configured, this will power up the computer(s) as if their power switch had just been pressed. Put a
shortcut to the WATCHOUT display software
into the Startup folder of the display computer to make it
launch WATCHOUT automatically.
IMPORTANT: There are two prerequisites for this command to work:
• The computer must be configured to “Wake on LAN” (sometimes referred to as “Magic Packet”).
This setting may be found under the “Power Management” tab of the Local Area Network Connection’s
Properties dialog box, or in the computer’s BIOS settings.
• The production computer must at some point have given the Power Down command
Just my 2cents...
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Hi all and tnx for ideas

The Mikrotik is configured as a L2 switch with a firewall and routing from the production to an outside FTP.


The interesting thing is that yesterday we got this error in our test setup for the rental, during a switch off  and when using an unmanaged gigabit Dlink switch during a Power down command from the production PC so most probably this is the reason


Jonas - yes indeed, it's a TV studio

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I would look at those "out of memory" errors first. If the system is running seriously low on memory, all bets are off. Getting this as a rendering error may indicate its related to video memory, but it's not entirely clear.


Googling for "windows error 0x8007000 d3d" may give you some further ideas. Here 0x8007000e is the hex equivalent of the decimal error code reported by WATCHOUT in your screenshot. I added "d3d" to those search terms since the error was reported as a "Rendering error", which usually means it came from the Windows Direct3D subsystem.



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Well, it seems more complicated


No problems with space - half of the 120SSD is empty

No problems with the codec - H.264, not more than 12MBps bitrate... we've reencoded the video they have to test


The error did not occure when we were testing but there was another very very strange problem




When you are live and you jump on the main timeline the system "freezes" and there are strange green artefacts (blinking). I say strange, because they are not only on the output, but also on the preview screen. After the freezing WO hangs and the logo shows on the screen

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FWIW phantom out of storage errors are also a symptom of running some variants of VNC on top of WATCHOUT.

And uninstalling the extra VNC install did not fix it (I suspect VNC registry entries were still mucked up).

Had to re-image the computer to fix it.

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