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Problem with display detection!


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Dear all Watchout users, 


        I am having a problem with display detection in my display PC, when I connect my projector directly(with DP adapter) to my display PC its detecting my projector as normal and it works fine, but when I connect my PC with extron DVI extenders over cat6  it is not detecting my projector as normal, the display PC detect my projector in a  different resolution(not the native) and display name then i tried to set the resolution manually in win7 display setting i couldn't find the native resolution of my projector from the list. somebody please help me to find a solution for this issue.



Items used 


Projector               xl7100u mistubishi 1024 x 768

Dvi extender         DTP DVI 4K 330 Rx, DTP DVI 4K 330 Tx

Disply Card          FirePro W8100

OS                       windows7

DP adapter          accell active DVI adapter 





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You accurately describe the Extron DVI extender is flawed.

Possibly adding an EDID manager before the Extron extender would overcome the Extron issue.

Or does the Extron extender include EDID management?

If so, EDID is impropelry set and that is the place where you would correct this.

Have you contacted Extron?

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According to the manuals from Extron, it should be transparent re:EDID info.

I interpret this as it should pass the EDID info from the projector through, as a cable would, ideally.


Supports EDID and HDCP transmission — DDC channels are actively buffered,

allowing continuous communication between source and display.


The transmitter have a setting for the DDC channel routing, though.

How that switch is set will probably affect the result...


3) DDC Route switch — This rear panel switch selects either the remote or local DVI display

    as the display data channel (DDC) reference for EDID and HDCP communication.






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Or you can go to advanced menu of the Ati settings (section EDID emulation) and set the edid emulation while connected directly with DP cable. Yo can either set it directly or save the edid data. But dont use the Force edid emulation option - its kind of blackbox. Rather set the edit settings to each otput.

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