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Recover a show from a Watchpax


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Yes, once you have retrieved the correct Spec file - it is the same.

I suspect the issue with WATCHPAX is -
how do I retrieve the needed Spec file from a WATCHPAX?

You can do this without unlocking the WATCHPAX OS.

Pretty sure you must connect a USB mouse and
a simple USB keyboard for this process.

(and if the WATCHPAX locks up on boot,

your keyboard is not "simple" enough.

The one I use cost USD $6.00)

Have a USB flash drive ready to hold the file for transfer.

Once you see the WATCHOUT logo screen,

hit Cntrl-W to enter watchpoint window mode.

While you do not have access to Windows from here,

you can hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete on your keyboard and a menu will appear.

And the need to hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete is why you can not do this via Remote Access

Select Start Task Manager from the menu and Windows Task Manager will open.

Note: It can be very hard to see the mouse cursor in this mode.
Black cursor on a black background essentially disappears.
Can be fun randomly moving mouse until you hit one of the white areas.

Click the File menu in Task Manager window, select New Task (Run...)
in the Open: dialog that appears, type explorer , click OK,

you should now be in Windows Explorer.

(I sometimes have to repeat the steps in blue a second time to get it to take).

Things are easier once you get to here ;)

I could not get a USB hub to work, so after I got to Explorer,
I pulled the keyboard and replaced it with the flash drive,
and with just a mouse I could complete the next steps.)

Within Windows Explorer,
you should be able to navigate to the WATCHOUT
Shows folder, (D:\WATCHOUT\Shows\).
Find the folder with the show name you wish to recover,
and in that folder copy the Spec file to a USB flash drive.

Take it to another computer and complete the process there.

reference:  Rebuild show file?

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