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WATCHOUT 6.1.6 has been released and you can download it here: http://www.dataton.com/downloads/watchout


Release notes:


Dataton WATCHOUT® version 6.1.6
This version focuses on fixing bugs as well as some improvements.
  • Improved performance of live video media.
  • Improved performance of hardware-accelerated video playback.
  • Messages in the message window can be copied to the clipboard.
  • Improved network video functionality that indirectly adds support for additional network cameras.
Bug fixes
  • Hardware-accelerated video would sometimes not use the full color range, for example black would not appear totally black.
  • Seeking in a hardware-accelerated video would result in a frame that is about half a second in the future.
  • Seeking in a hardware-accelerated MPEG-2 video would show the first frame of the video.
  • A warning message could pop up when controlling WATCHMAKER externally.
  • Double-clicking a display in the Stage window would sometimes not bring the corresponding dialog window to the front.
  • Right-clicking on a display mask gradient curve would result in the wrong menu.
  • Media cues using "Anchor as local vanishing point" would sometimes disappear.
  • Looping a composition containing another composition did not work.
  • Playing a video for more than one week would result in stuttering playback.
  • Deleting time, using the "Insert/Delete Time" command, would sometimes yield an unwanted result.
  • Virtual displays with very low resolution, such as 2 pixels in width or height, could cause rendering errors.
  • Image sequences with file names containing only numbers (for example 0001.tiff, 0002.tiff etc) did not work.

Known issues

  • Hardware-accelerated video decoding will be disabled for looping media.
  • Seeking can produce image artifacts for hardware-accelerated H.264 video.
  • Hardware-accelerated video may be rendered one frame late while playing.
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I have few questions regarding the improvements on hardware accelerated video playback.


Is this feature still exclusive to WATCHPAX

YES, all three variants of WATCHPAX.


and what are the supported codecs ?

I am not certain.

I know MPEG2 and MPEG4/h.264, not sure if there are others.


HAP by nature is mainly GPU hardware accelerated on all platforms.

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