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3D mapping projectors


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I am experiencing an issue with 3D mapping projectors.  I am mapping onto the interior surface of a hemisphere and have discovered that the 3D mapping projectors cannot "see" the mesh if the projector is located inside it.  This is not a texturing issue: The UV map for the mesh is precisely matched to the mesh's geometry and I have set the Render

Texture flag in the 3D Model Specifications to "both".  If the mapping projector is viewing the object from the outside, it can see the texture correctly applied to both the inside and outside.


To get around this annoyance, I have split the mesh into two halves, and selectively removed portions of the mesh, carving away just enough that none of the mapping projectors are ever inside the mesh they are looking at.  This is rather cumbersome as it necessitates applying my texture twice (once to each "clam shell".  But it also effectively reduces the area where textures can be applied.  For example, I cannot reorient the mesh to view other parts of the applied texture because the mesh has necessarily been removed.


Is this possibly a bug?  I would think that as long as there are no polygons obstructing its view, the mapping projectors should still be able to see the mesh from the inside.

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... but I cannot figure out how to upload a picture here to this forum.



you must host the picture outside the forum and link to it.

if that is an issue, email the screenshot file to me privately,

I will host it for you, and provide the link to include it in a post.

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Thanks jfk, I figured out how to upload an image...


This is a top view of our stage.  The screen is hemispherical with a polar grid texture applied. We had to cut the hemisphere into left and right halves with the same texture applied to both.  Only the left half is showing here. Mapping Projectors E4 and E6 are symmetrically positioned.  E4 can "see" the inside surface of the mesh opposite it, but not if both halves of the mesh are imported into Watchout as a single object because both it and E6 are inside the radius of the mesh.  All other projectors have an unobstructed view of the mesh.  This mesh is a .3ds file.  I've tried .obj, and .fbx. but all exhibit the same problem: mapping projectors cannot "see" a mesh if they are inside it.


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