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Updateing Watchpax - license key can`t be found


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I am trying to update watchpax2 from version 6.1.5 to 6.1.6.


The watchout gives the message about different versions and if I want to update.

I click ok.

The watchpax displays this message:


"The WATCHOUT license key can`t be found.

Re-trying automatically in a few seconds."


If I click "Retry" (with the keyboard connected to watchpax) nothing happens.

I tried to swith watchpax on and off, restart watchout etc, but with no result.


Thank you for any help,





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 'Retrying automatically...' means just that: automatically. No need to retry manually, and no need to connect a keyboard. In fact, doubt if a keyboard works with Watchpax owing to the locked-down and embedded Windows.


Patience is the key. By powering it down and up again mid-way through the process, all bets are off.


Thomas Leong

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the problem was static ip address setup-ed in start-up script ( Watchpax changed it to after first unsuccessful attempt to update (and I let it do everything automatically for the first few attempts). When I switched it off after some time, it started up with the 200 address again and than changed it to 221 - so the WO production didn't see it and so on.


Now when I noticed this ip change, I went offline and in wo production changed the display-watchpax ip address to Than I went online. The watchpax asked me again about the update and really updated it self. And as a bonus changed the ip address again to So I changed the ip address in production computer once again to 200 and it works.

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