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WatchPax 4 - USB 3.0 Live Feed


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I have Watchpax 4 &  also purchased - Epiphan - DVI2USB 3.0 & SDI2USB 3.0 how do i install it . when i open the remote access it opening in the production system But video in option is not on rest audio out , help & file is on.

Kindly guide me how to activate it i am new to watchpax.
If you have any tutorial on this please share me.

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Dear Mr Miro


Thanks for your reply. also want to know AV.io family of capture devices are plug and play use for Watchpax. 



Hi Giri!


Yes, the Epiphan AV.io family is plug and play with WATCHPAX, providing you have the latest firmware installed in your WATCHPAX (this is important - please check with Dataton regarding WATCHPAX firmware versions for USB Capture drivers). I have even used dual interfaces, on a single WATCHPAX4, on several projects.


All the best and good luck with your projects.


PS I think there was a small problem in one of the firmware-versions where you had to make a re-load (Stage menu/Manage Display Computer/Remote Access) of WATCHOUT in the WATCHPAX after boot up. Otherwise, it could not find the driver (Video In menu was greyed out). I have only experienced this on WATCHPAX2 though. Perhaps Dataton can shed some light if this issue is solved.

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... we only support devices that use the generic Microsoft USB Video Class drivers ...



Do not know, but it should be easy enough to ask AJA if they support generic Microsoft USB Video Class drivers

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Well - U-TAP works great on my laptop.


Our setup consist of Watchmax nodes, delivered by Dataton. That means it was installed with the embedded windows version, which means a lot of features are not available, eg. the Microsoft USB Video Class drivers. And I can't get it to install the missing drivers, for reasons I don't know. Any ideas what to do?


Best regards Christian

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