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Hey together,


having 3 XI-Media Server with Marian Seraph AD2 Sound-Card and Nvidia Quadro M5000. Watchout Version 6.2.0.

When i play a Quick Time MOV with HAP Codec, i have some strange Click noise in Audio. not often and not loud, but so loud that i can not use it.
With same File in MP4, I dont have the Problem. But i need to use the HAP files.

Restart Computer does no effect. 

The Sound-Card Settings i checked. Also all other Windows Sounds are all right. Anyway, these Click-Noise comes out of both Server. So the Problem is anywhere in Watchout.

Now i did a downgrade to version 6.1.4. and i dont have the Problem anymore.


Any Solution for this ? becouse basicly Version 6.2. is nice and i would like to use ;-)



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Hmmm... lot of work? It takes literally 5 seconds to extract the WAV from the hap file (with AME for example), another 10 to 15 seconds* per file to duplicate the cue in a layer below it and fill it with the correct WAV file, and of course muting the volume on the HAP cue.  As added bonus it gives you more control on the play out / routing options. 


*note: I didn’t include the time used to insert the content disk containing all the hap files in a AME machine, dragging all the files in AME, selecting them all and choose WAV as format) and ejecting the disk, copying the WAV’s onto your WO media folder and dragging them into the mediabin... 

Using separate audio files has been the “good practice” for a long time now, so just bite the bullet and comply ;-) 

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3 hours ago, Menetekel said:


and yes, it is a solution, but it is still a workaround.


Hi Felix, 

glad to hear show went fine. But about this, let's agree to disagree, as it's not a workaround, imo it's THE way to go, as in the only proper way to go. Of course the briefing to the content provider should have been ok, so you'd be supplied with separate files from the start. :D

Just saying as an experienced operator....

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