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Direct URL Images in 6.2


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I wonder if anyone has come across this in version 6.2+ or is it just me.

I'm working on a script that relies on a lot of dynamic still images. In previous versions from V5 onward it was possible to use an external URL pointing to an image entered into 'Add Image Proxy'. This would call the image each time the script runs, a perfect solution. However I've just tried the same process in version 6.2 and 6.2.1 but after entering a valid URL in the Add Image Proxy dialog box, the media cannot be added. Clicking the OK to add the media results in a “The specified File/Image doesn't exist” error.

This process works in versions 5 to 6.1.6 , is this a change or an oversight in 6.2?


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Using the Dynamic image server would be an option but it is too slow and unreliable once you ask it to serve more that 10 - 20 images at once. In 6.1.6 I can pull in 180 images in around 6-8 seconds from an external web server hosted on the local network (small image about 500px square each). The DIS would just choke on this.

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11 hours ago, Vollmers said:

Could you share the script? I haven't experienced any issues during the update, and I'm using a lot of proxy material.


I can't really share a script since I can't create one in 6.2 with links to external URL's for images, that's the problem. 6.2 won't let you add an external URL to an image served by an external web via the Add Image Proxy method.

Could you try to add a URL via the Add Image Proxy method and let me know if it works for you? Try it in version 6.1.6 and then in 6.2 you'll see what I mean. 

I could use the Dynamic image server but it is too slow and won't support the number of images I need to deal with.


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7 hours ago, mitreklov said:


... 6.2 won't let you add an external URL to an image served by an external web via the Add Image Proxy method....

Just curious, what happens if you open a show made in an older version that already contains cues with URL links?

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This is not a deliberate change. It is a recently discovered bug that was introduced in 6.2 when we added the possibility to presplit still images. My guess is that an older show imported into 6.2 should work, but I have not tested it. The bug is fixed and will be included in an upcoming bug fix release of Watchout. 



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