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Copy a Composition

Neil Stratton

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Hi all-not sure if this is possible but if there is a way it would save me some time.

I am used to working with After Effects compositions where I copy a composition then replace items within that comp.I would like to do the same in WO.I am running version 5.1.

In my current WO show I have 18 compositions which all have the same moves, timings etc and what I want to is take Composition 1, duplicate it , then change the media items within it.Cant find a way to do this.Any ideas?

Many thanks

Neil Stratton

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Hi Neil,


Yes just select all the media in the composition, make a new composition and copy all the media in the new one, just rename it.


If you want to copy to another show, just copy the composition cue ( meaning when is on a layer already) to another show.


Hope this helps.


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Copy-pasting the media into a new composition works, but you still have to set up the size and position for each new composition, which quickly gets boring if you're faced with creating over 20 duplicates and don't want to use the default values. Not sure if this is the best way to make a feature request, but a 'duplicate' command would often be very handy.

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That's exactly what I could do with Matkeane. My solution has been to copy the composition (1) and its attributes and paste it on the timeline.Then I create a new composition (2), and copy the cues from the original composition (1) into this new composition (2).Then I drag the new composition(2) onto the old composition (1) on the timeline and now I have a composition (2) with the same attributes but different media cues.

And Fredrik good to hear you are looking into this.

Many thanks

Neil Stratton

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It's a little bit of a hack, but I just tried this on a whim. Copy a composition, open up a text editor like notepad and paste. I searched for the Comp name, modified it slightly, copied all the text, and pasted it back into Watchout. Bam! New copy of my comp, everything identical except the name. Maybe I'll get adventurous and try using the text editor to tweak other settings inside the comp... Hope this helps someone else!

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My first would be to be able to solo a layer.I can switch layers off but to be able to solo a layer would be very useful.

Or am I missing something...

You can kinda-sorta do this by shift-clicking the "sunshine" icon on the layer to turn all layers off, then click it again without shift to turn on only this layer. Not quite a solo button but can be useful in a pinch.



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