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Watchout Display Color problem


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Dear All,

I'm newbie with watchout and I will start to lerning before go to traning.

I have a problem with color on display computer ir's not correct color, please see attathed files.

1.How can I fix it to correct color?

2.How to quit watchout display by production computer?

My display hardware buit for learning watchout

Z370n-wifi +i7 8700k, 16gb Ram, nvidia quadro P2000, 250Gb SSD 960 EVO (OS), 500Gb SSD 960 EVO (media)

My production use HP-Z420 workstation 

Windows 10 LTSB with Watchout 6.2.2, 

Thank you so much


from Thailand





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On 7/9/2018 at 7:17 AM, ken said:

Hi Kai,

I suggest you first try to change the signal cable, or swap the two monitors to see what happens.

Best wishes


Hi Ken,

I try to find a problem then it's from steroscopic 3d in nvidia control panel after disable it's working fine.


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7 hours ago, paolino said:

Hi Kai,

Try to check if the color space is the same on 2 output ( should be RGB and not YUV ).
I'm seeing the image and probably you don't have the correct colorspace.
Eventually think to use edid emulator to fix it



Thank you so much for help, I find a problem and fix it, any way I'm new user for WO and I try to learning by my self first and then I'm plan to training WO Certified user in next 2-3 month.



Phuket Thailand


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29 minutes ago, jfk said:

Please share with the group what the problem was and how it was solved.


a main problem it's from "nvidia 3d stereoscopic" in nvidia control panel after disable , it's working fine with Watchout,

before I find and fix a problem I will try to test other mapping software it's no problem then I try to clean and format windows and install WO 6.2.2 it's same problem with display, then try to search about nvidia display problem I see some forum taking about "nvidia 3d stereoscopic" I will try to check and after disable WO 6.2.2 it's working fine.

my display card it's Quadro P2000 run on Win 10 LTSB,

next week I will try to test with firepro wx4100.



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