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Watchpax 20 dropping audio.


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I am experiencing a strange behaviour on watchpax 20s.

I have 2 (main and back up) feeding a 4K wide LED wall and Audio is playing from the watchpax 20. Its for a large Trade show Booth where the show runs all day for weeks.

We do have a Production computer still connected rather than leave the watchpaxes in a standalone mode. (this also allows us to make changes and updates if necessary)

After an undefinable amount of time the video sequences loop but audio drops. Meaning no audio is coming out.

A restart fixes this issue but the point of using the watchpaxes was that we hoped it would run all day everyday.

All videos are separated from their audio track and they are in sync. 

Any thoughts



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Hi Folks,

I'm a colleague of Ben's, and I've got some additional info on this issue.

How long before the audio stops after rebooting the system is random.  I've seen it loose audio after as little as 3 or 4 hours, and I've also seen it go for 2 days or more.

We actually have 3 Watchout systems total at this trade show, two of which are exhibiting this issue, one is fine.

System 1: the two Watchpax20s Ben mentioned, has audio stoppage issue
System 2: Single HP computer, has audio stoppage issue
System 3: Main and backup Show*Server XHD R4s from Showsage, no audio issues.

We're using HapQ across all 3 systems, with no embedded audio streams.  Audio is in separate wav files.  System 3 has been using HapQ for a couple of years now wihthout issues, System 2 is using HapQ for the first time this year, but had no audio issues in previous years.  System 1 is completely new this year, so can't compare to previous years.

I don't think it's a hardware or driver issue since it's happening on the Watchpax boxes as well as the PC.  I also don't think it's a codec issue, if it were, I would expect it to happen on all three systems.

Digging deeper into the media, I only found one thing that sets System 3 apart from the two flaky ones, that being framerate.  On System 3, all files are 30fps.  On Systems 1 and 2, we have an assortment of frame rates: 23.97, 24, 25, 29.97, and 30.

We can't really test this theory for another month or so once we get the systems back in the shop.  Until we can test, this is a well educated guess.

Hope someone can offer additional insight on this.




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Hi Malte!

For Dataton to try to recreate this, please send your WATCHPAX 20 S/N along with project files and a as detailed description as possible to support@dataton.com.

Best regards, 

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