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Display computer video drift/out of sync/too slow with Timecode in Production computer


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Hi there,

I believe this maybe the 3rd time I'm experiencing this issue and it's a bad one!
Sometimes with LTC incoming to the Prod computer, the display computers will play the content slower than it should (or out of sync) resulting in videos being out of sync with the rest of the show. 

Here is a video showing this issue. You will the see the the image in the Prod computer and in the Projections do not match and that the timeline position and the TC being projected also do not match. (But they should!) Note, external TC readers (Mif4s) and Prod computer TC match but the Displays do not. And the gap becoming bigger and bigger overtime.
With a 3 minutes video, there was about a 10 second difference.

Now I found that when using a different external soundcard, this solved the problem.
Other times I used the internal line input of the motherboard 1/8" and this also solved the problem.

I will check tomorrow if this has to do with the sample rate of the soundcard vs sample rate of the incoming TC.


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looks like the framerates dont match at all. Does it all play in sync when not being triggered from external TC? 

all framerates have to match, materials, Watchout settings in prefs, external timecode, display.

Use wav for audiofiles, mute videos own audio.

There will be a tiny delay between the tcs but its consistant.

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It yes plays in sync when not triggered from external TC.

Also when there was a sync different because we were using TC, the moment I would stop the TC the watchout displays would jump catch up to where they were supposed to.

In the end I did not have time to test whether the problem came from the sample rate setting of the sound card or not, there were other priorities for the show.
This will have to be tested at another time.

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