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3DS Max and Watchout UVmap problem


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I am currently working on a proposal which involves in static visuals of a multi-projector 3D mapped application in an architectural space.

I have modeled the venue with 3DS Max and exported the .OBJ data containing UV map.

However, when I import the data into Watchout 6.4 I get broken/tiled texture on smooth continuous surfaces. My goal was to fit the visual on to whole surface.

You can see what I mean on attached visuals.

Any suggestions on proper methodology, plugins, settings etc.?

Thank you.



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it looks like the visuals had been tiled in 3DMax already, around 300 or 500 square pixels they are really tiny.

The textures should be „baked“ to fit to the object before exporting from 3DMax. 

You can check by exporting and reimporting/opening the object and the texture into a new file in 3DMax.

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