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external video inputs + blend


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I have not done inputs from external sources into watchout for many years... with the giant leaps in computer inputs its time to look at this again to fulfill client requests.


I had one question, a confirmation really, that I didn't think was covered very well, or at all in the divination, or maybe I couldn't find it...


I have 4 wo5.2 servers. We are planning to get either dual dvi input or quad hdsdi input cards for each server. I'm guessing that crossing blend regions with one of these inputs is possible assuming that each input is setup... For example if I want input 1 to be my camera switch feed that input should be #1 for all for servers and that would allow that input pip to cross over between servers...


Is this basic understanding correct? I couldn't find anything that directly addressed using an external source across multiple servers in a blend situation...


Normally I feed an encore or spyder and this isn't an issue but this next show coming wants some new stuff.



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Hi Brian-yes you are correct.

I have the same capture cards in all my servers.This allows me to place pips anywhere on the stage.Even in blended areas. I regularly place pips centre stage in two projector blends.. And I freguently have full screen powerpoint or keynote across all servers.

If you have a pip that goes across the blend area but sits within one display perimeter then you can put it past the edge blend layer and in this way only require one capture.

And the new auxiliary timelines make pulling up pips as easy as pushing a button.I use a combinations of kill and run cues to change pip scenarios during shows.

All the best


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I have four servers with four outputs each. Many times its not possible to use only one machine for a blended screen... the next show I am on is a 6 projector seamless blend that will require 4 outputs from one server and 2 from an additional server. The show I did before this was 8 projectors blended onto a single surface and required all 4 outputs from 2 different servers!


Thanks for the information... I get to have fun with my new capture cards today I think!


Neil - the Aux timelines are the only way I run shows! every look, every video, every anything just about has its own Aux timeline so I can stop it/start it at any time I want and I don't have to worry about the linearity of the main timeline. The last four shows I've done had absolutely nothing on the main timeline!


Thanks for the info guys!



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Hello,I havea small question...I can use dual DVI input cards and use both inputs simultaneously? One on a blend of three projectors and one on a 42''monitor?

It is my first experience with wo5.2 and I dont want to fail.

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Thanks Neil! I LOVE the AUX Timelines... They make live show timing soooooo much easier! No more waiting for a long cue to time out so I can start the next section if something goes really short...


Dan: I believe can use both DVI on my input cards simultaneously. I will test this and get back to you with a confirmation. I believe I did this during my testing a few days ago and I should be able to capture a sample and post a link... assuming I can post links...


I hope I can do links...


The following link is a short video I made in the shop during testing. It doesn't show both DVI inputs working but here is what it does show:

What you're looking at is my Corio2 Multiviewer monitor. The grid is the 16 channels of my servers (4 servers, 4 heads each) setup in a matrix.

The top row is server 1, down to the bottom row of server 4.

The feed is coming from a MacPro tower playing back a KiPro capture of a show we recently did.

My WatchOUT setup is the same 4x4 matrix grid as the Multiviewer monitor. Testing only, I was having fun lol.

All 16 outputs are 1400x1050 but the Multiviewer is stretching to FILL so my 4:3 is stretched to 16:9 (hence some small distortion).

First I show a 16 up: all 16 outputs having the same signal.

Second I show a 4 up. Each full image is made up of four outputs... two from one server, two from another.

Third I show a 1 up. This is my capture card input across all 16 outputs so that each Display is showing 1/16 of the input.

Fourth I add a Scale and Rotation Tween to show that the image is truly crossing each output.

Fifth I did just a quick animation. The STOP is intentional. I made the PIP grow and spin, stop and hold, then grow, spin, and opacity fade to 0.


I was stress testing my rig to see what I could throw at it before it started to act ... odd ... I really wouldn't sell my WatchOUT rig as being capable of this... but it is...




Hope you like it!

Brian Lynn

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Hello,I havea small question...I can use dual DVI input cards and use both inputs simultaneously? One on a blend of three projectors and one on a 42''monitor?

It is my first experience with wo5.2 and I dont want to fail.


With the proper capture card - yes.

And the DataPath VisionRGB E2S is such a card, it will provide 2 unique catprue streams simultaneously.

We have tested two DataPath Vision RGB E2S to capture four streams simultaneously, that has worked well too.

Although the challenge is selecting a motherboard that can accommodate enough PCIe x4 slots in addiion to the PCIe x16 slot for the GPU.

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