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Display cluster issues


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I've been reading through the user guide and am going crazy trying to find the solution for this problem. I normally work with lights so

the world of media servers is a little new to me. Basically, I have to watch out computers with two movies, one which is looping and the

other has to be triggered at a particular spot in the first movie. I've been trying to use the string output with tcp but not having any luck,

hopefully i've just missed something.


Computer 1:

Computer 2:


Trigger output is, ip port number 3039, protocol TCP. Is this correct?

The trigger control cue is named Countdown Start and has the data to send "run" (without "")


I'd really need some help here!

Thank you...

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The obvious solution is to add a "control cue" at the specific point on the timeline which plays your first movie. This control cue should be set-up to trigger another "Aux timeline" with your second move.


Or perhaps, but not very likely, you need to send the trigger commands between to completely separate WATCHOUT computers (clusters) over the network. This is also possible. Please describe your complete setup in detail (WO production and display computers, external control systems etc)


Best regards,

Fredrik S

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If I read you correctly, you are trying to control, via TCP/IP Port 3039, one Display Computer from another in the same cluster. I have not tried that myself - Manual pg. 257 onwards. Do not forget the Carriage Return or LineFeed after each command (page 260 "Command Format"). Alternative is to type $0D ($ zero D) after each command which is the hex code for a carriage return.


The simpler method is use a Production PC to control a Display PC. And since you require 2 outputs, and assuming you are using WO version 5.x, a Display PC with a 2-output graphics card will achieve that easily WITHOUT using Port 3039. In the Production PC, use a Aux timeline for each video, Control Cues in the Main timeline to trigger/loop/stop,etc the Aux timelines, and Display output assignment via the Stage Window by clicking on each Display and assigning the (graphics card's) Output number to the same IP for your Display PC (either or as the case may be) and connect the projectors accordingly.


Hope this helps.


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