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flash application for WO remote


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i just start to create flash WO remote based on "WATCHMan User's Guide"

i started with "Basic Sample application" on "small Flash application"

when i done with the design and action script i run it, and when i click load, my display change to "dataton watchout display" its like out of source.

any solution for it ?


do you guys know how to set the ip dynamic, i change the "new WATCHMan("192.168,0.49")" to new new WATCHMan(cAddress.text), it detect my ip, but it only for first time i run.




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See the GetControlCuesInfo method in the WATCHOUT Systems Manager API documentation, which can retrieve a list of control cues. This documentation (in HTML form) is included in the WATCHOUT Systenms Manager download. There are a couple of example apps as well, that shows how this works.

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i facing quite strange bug about the remote again

i use "Simple Remote" and "WATCHOUT Remote", when i type wrong ip address the app is sure cant connect, but i change to right ip it also cant connect, i need to close and open the app again and type the right ip address, if wrong which mean i need to close and open the app again.

anyway to solve the error in the program ?



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Hello! im just having some trouble with the IOS app i have the first ipad and i use the app and is working fine!..

but when i use a ipad mini, i cannot connect the app to the display computer... anybody with this issue?


Best Regards


Did you obtain the iOS app from the App store (out of date, will not work iOS 7+)

or using the instructions on the Dataton web site: WATCHOUT REMOTE APP ?

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