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Old WatchOut Project to Video File


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This forum has been very helpful in the past in helping me solve minor dataton problems. I am not a Dataton expert at all and I have a client who has a Watchpax2 with two projects on the device controlled by the remote app on an iPad. He wishes to extract this project from the Watchpax2 in the form of a traditional video file. Any format would work.

My first thought was to see if the project could be rendered out as a video from the watchpax2 itself. It looks like the original project was made on TRAX on a computer and then loaded to the watchpax (though I am a novice and also don’t know the exact process used so I could be wrong.) I don’t have access to TRAX or any tools used to compose the presentation so I don’t know if this limits my ability to extract a video file.

My second thought was to use a HDMI capture card to simply extract the output of the presentation. This seemed like a good idea but it looks like the original presentation is locked to some preset resolution. The capture card is 1080p native and I’d like to extract the presentation at 1080p if possible. However, when I attempt to do this, I get this message: “Display Specifications Mismatch. Specified resolution can’t be set.”

I assume this is a mismatch between the original resolution of presentation and the 1080p capture card.

Any ideas on how to solve this problem would be appreciated.



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TRAX was not used to create the show played back from a WATCHPAX. The show was created in WATCHOUT Production.

The show was made specifically for the resolution of the projector it was intended for. If you want to output it at different / higher resolution, it would need adjustments to the programming.

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  • Dataton Partner

What you'd need is the actual WATCHOUT project file which was used to load the WATCHPAX.

The premium partner in your region could probably help with the information of how to retrieve this file from the WATCHPAX 2 and modify it to another resolution. And yes, the only good way to store the show in 1080p would be to play it out into a capture card and record the result on another computer.

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