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tween value formula ?


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Hi all

i'm looking for the magic formula to do something in watchout
i have a media in timeline moving in X only during 10s

with a midi fader i want to slowdown or speedup the movement of that media. i need to start it normally with but as i need to follow an object on stage, moved by humans, i would like to be able to modify  its speed manually with midi fader.



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I just had to do something similar to be able to manually adjust a move that was programmed in the timeline. I added a generic input named 'wall_position_offset_max' to make it easy to adjust the offset range from 'fine tweaking' to 'uh-oh, we're way off'.

In my case it was a vertical move and I only needed to adjust ahead of the move (so subtracting on the y axis), so the midi fader at zero meant zero offset :
TweenValue - (wall_position_offset_max * Midi_Fader)

If you need to be able to adjust the movement both ahead & behind of the tween, you could use the mid-position of the midi fader as zero:
TweenValue + (wall_position_offset_max * (Midi_Fader - 0.5))

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1 hour ago, Morgan Wong said:

Do you mean manually modify the X position?

If yes:

For example:
Point A(1000) to Point B(1800)

midi fader name : input

formula should be like this:

(Start point) + (Distance between out & start point) * midi fader value

1000 + 800 * input

Hope this helps.

Those are a way of accomplishing it. Just keep in mind the movement is 100% dependent on the MiDI fader, even if the timeline is stopped, a cue relying on that MiDI input will allow  the fader to control movement.

There was an experimental feature that would permit speed up or slowdown of an entire timeline by +-20%. That is not referenced to any variable, input or output. So it would not be effected by a MIDI input. It would require a control system to send a decimal value 0.8 - 1.2. but that may or may not be enough adjustment for what you seek.

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