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Edge Blend below defined layer

Phil Cane

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In 4.2, do we still have the ability to turn off edge blending below a specified layer? I can't seem to find it in ver 4.2.


Phil Cane

The edge blend line went away with the introduction of stage tiers in 4.0.

Depending on what you are trying to accomplish,

there maybe a way to achieve an equivalent using the stage tiers.


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Jim Kellner is usually always right on the money. Bt this time around I wonder if he did not get it wrong....


You still have the "Above Edge-blend" in v5. It is now located in the Aux timeline settings.


Best regards,

Fredrik Svahnberg


Right, that was the distorted major use of the old feature, thanks for correcting me ;-)


As I recall, it's original v1 purpose was to display a media object that entered the blend area

only if it were in the non-blended areas too.

It would not display at all / disappear when the object was only in the blend area.

Useful if you have a capture card in less than all of the displays,

as you can prevent the error that would occur if the live input

touched a display without a capture in just its blend area.


Was kind of the pre-cursor of pre-split proxy too as I recall,

as the same would apply to movie files, if a movie from

an adjacent screen entered a blend area but not the non-blended area,

it would not play on the adjacent machine.


Either of those old tricks would require tiers to pull off ;-)

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There is also a little trick that one can use, if you need to turn off edge-blending on some Displays, but not others.


Put one of the Displays in an overlap on a Tiered layer, there is no edge-blending between Tiers...


There are some limitations to this though, there are only 10 possible Tiers in WATCHOUT 4, 20 Tiers in WATCHOUT 5.

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