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Watchout logo appears every 33.2 seconds


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Sounds very strange.
The only ideas which come to my mind here are.

Could it be that WATCHPOINT is started twice and while one version plays your show, the other tries to grab your attention telling you that it is searching for a license key?

What are the log files saying? You find those in a folder logs inside your WATCHOUT software installation folder.

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I found the following message on the production computer:

From Display “Display 1” of stage tier “Base” of StageList of Stage, [Date/time] Network error; Display computer: No Response

Further testing shows that the 33.2 second issue only occurs if WatchOut is running on the production computer. Closing WatchOut on the production computer resolved the issue. I also replaced the crossover cable between the display computer and the production computer but no change. I'm wondering if I have a bad NIC.

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Bad NIC hardware is pretty rare when some network functions work. i.e.  it would be unusual for bad hardware to act like this. Incorrect NIC software configuration / settings maybe.

the support team suggested multiple production computers on the network as a potential issue. Also version mismatch between production and display may cause an issue that looks like yours.

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The crossover cable runs between the production and display computers because IT would not allow us to connect the display computer to a switch unless it has anti-virus and per Dataton, AV can mess with Watchout. The production computer has two Nics and group policy prevents traffic from passing between them. A work-around that has been functioning well for years. :)

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